3 Tips for Maintaining Your Porcelain Veneers

For those considering corrective dental care, veneers are an effective and worthwhile treatment to keep in mind. Without getting too bogged down in details, a veneer is typically a thin piece of porcelain used to create a fake tooth that resembles the real deal all the way from appearance and strength to resilience.

For many, veneers are like a second chance at cultivating and growing the beautiful smile they never had. It only makes sense that those seeking this transformative treatment take special care in learning the best ways to keep them in pristine condition! Fortunately, we fancy ourselves experts in the topic and have 3 must-know tips for first time and veteran veneer owners alike!

Avoid Grinding and Inedible Items

A strong bit of advice for those with veneers and original teeth alike, grinding your teeth on tough surfaces like pen caps and other teeth is strongly advised against. Not only can this damage your new veneers, if the habit persists for too long without treatment, you could risk damage to your original teeth and even your jaw joint. If you have reason to suspect you grind your teeth at night while you sleep, speak to your dentist to see if they can prescribe you with a mouth guard. This takes us to our next tip!

Invest in a Mouth Guard

Whether you grind your teeth or play some pretty close contact sports, your teeth and veneers are at risk of being damaged or chipped. Investing in a properly fitted mouth guard can ensure you reap the benefits of a pristine smile for as long as you’re able. Keep in mind that this can also save you time and money in unnecessary dentist visits and it’s easy to see just why a mouth guard should be on the top of your shopping list.

Make Time for Polishing

Although they may not be real teeth, veneers require a few checkups and dentist visits of their own. In fact, visiting a cosmetic dentist once every three months can exponentially increase the lifespan of your veneers.

While polishing is definitely a mainstay procedure for maintaining your veneers, it is by no means an excuse to slack off on your own dental hygiene. Always stay vigilant when it comes to brushing and flossing and be sure to veer away from foods and drinks that stain such as coffee or berries.


Everyone deserves that illuminating smile that turns heads and brightens a room! By keeping these few tips in mind, you can embrace that second chance at healthy oral hygiene and enjoy the smile you’ve always dreamed of!

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